Educational workshop for the RIDE AND SMILE project

Today, on 17.12, another informative and educational workshop for the RIDE AND SMILE project, was held, with the students of the Elementary School “J.” H. “Pestaloci” from Skopje that will be included in the project activities outdoors and in the classroom as well.
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πŸ‘© 🏫 With the engagement of Teachers Natasha Gjorgjioska and Jasna Karovska-Abramac who presented, everyone at the workshop was better informed about using the digital application that will memorize a road spent with sustainable transport (it would be best in bicycle, but other transport that is not harmful to the environment can also be) – as part of project activities of RIDE AND SMILE.
πŸ«πŸ‘© 🏫 Today, several children from 7 grades were present at the workshop, with their class mentors and teachers; Ana Senčuk, Margaret Pejoska, Biljana Stojanoska, Verica Nedelkoska, Simona Mirceka, Tatjana Tanevska and Branka Dimevska.\n
The impressions were excellent and the students were really curious and followed the information displayed attentively.
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