Joint staff training event in Romania

The training has taken place between 14th -17th June 2022 in Curtuiseni, Romania with a number of 10 participants from 7 partner institutions including the hosts.
On the first day of the meeting the participants were involved in a local activity with the children of the hosting school Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Balasi Jozsef. The local partners organized a cycling course about the safety and traffic rules for the primary school children. There were two categories: the very young ones (from preparatory class to second grade students) and the older students (third and fourth graders). After lunch break the group of participants joined the hosts for a tour in the local community to explore the possible dangers or difficulties from the perspective of cycling.
On the next day after a working session (presentations and discussions) on the second part of the day the hosts organized the official rewarding ceremony of the Bike to School Challenge competition with the participants of the local community, children and parents. The regional TV and newspaper also was present on this ceremony to interview and write about the project’s aims and perspectives.

Rewarding ceremony Bike to School Challenge

The project group visited Oradea on the 3rd day to get the idea of how is the situation in regards of cycling possibilities in a town, not a small community and what are the possibilities in the meaning of lobbying for better conditions for cycling.

Visit of Oradea