Final event in Bruxelles

After the kilometers ridden by bike from Rome to Bruxelles during the itinerant event, it has come the time to sum all the results in the final meeting in Belgium!

The partners met here to discuss about the final results of the projects, what could be improved and what was good.

It has been discussed a lot about dissemination and communication, state-of-the-art, results achieved and next steps for the valorization of project results, doing a self-evaluation of the activities carried on, including the itinerant event from Rome to Bruxelles. In particular,

we have rated the results considering the objectives listed in our projects:

  • raise awareness about environmental challenges and a better understanding of the importance of individual choices as factors of change
  • promote sustainable urban mobility principles among pupils and the use of the bicycle as the most effective means of transportation
  • reinforce the development of key competences in pupils, such as communication in foreign languages, digital competences, social and civic competences, including climate action.

After the preparation for final report documents, we have talked about Cooperation projects in the framework of Erasmus+ 2021-2027, sharing views and ideas about future actions.

…the best is yet to come! New projects will follow, hoping to share sustainable mobility across younger generations in Europe!