The global scale of environmental challenges cannot be tackled under a local or even national perspective, it must be spread all over the continent starting from the youngest generations, which represent the future of the European Union. Change must start from schools, as this is where individuals shape their identity and develop a sense of belonging to a wider community. RIDE&SMILE seeks to foster the development of active European citizens who are aware of the relevance of their individual choices as triggers of change. Within this context, the exchange of good practices and international cooperation is fundamental to stimulate a behavioural change in the daily habits and in sharing formal and non-formal teaching approaches.


The specific objectives of the RIDE&SMILE project are to:

– raise awareness about environmental challenges and a better understanding of the importance of individual choices as factors of change

– promote sustainable urban mobility principles among pupils and the use of the bicycle as the most effective means of transportation

– reinforce the development of key competences in pupils, such as communication in foreign languages, digital competences, social and civic competences, including climate action.

Target Groups

The main target groups addressed by the project are:

– Primary school pupils and their families/tutors

– Teachers and primary school staff

– Non-formal educators involved in school education, NGO’s and associations staff

– other stakeholders including policy makers.

Pupils represent the main target group and beneficiaries of this project: the intellectual outputs and all the activities are focused in transferring to them a new perspective concerning sustainability and climate change by moving around the city and from home to school by bicycle, improving at the same time digital and language skills as well as active citizenship awareness. Pupils will be involved in the Bike to School Challenge by active participation in the RIDE&SMILE web platform community.


To achieve these objectives, the RIDE&SMILE partners will produce the following two outputs:

– a RIDE&SMILE Interactive Learning Platform (ILP), to boost and support the Bike to School Cycling Challenge (BTS) involving school pupils from all over Europe.

Using an effective game-based approach, the BTS Challenge aims to foster the use of the bicycle among the pupils, who will contribute to the points collected by their teams (school classes) in terms of distance and the amount of CO2 saved. This will directly impact on the habits of families allowing them to discover a better and healthier lifestyle, also contributing to the well-being of the community.

RIDE&SMILE educational activities developed associated with environmental awareness and with other curriculum subject areas.

These educational activities are closely connected to active citizenship and behavioural change. Teachers will be encouraged to define the learning needs of their classes and build tailored learning paths for them.


A number of events are planned during the project.

– Five multipliers events will be organised by partners to promote and diffuse the main project outputs, including final events celebrating project in Rome and Brussels.

– A ground-breaking activity where RIDE&SMILE partners will undertake a symbolic bicycle trip from Rome to Brussels: a zero-emission 1.600 km ride on two wheels across six countries to bring the project results directly to the heart of the European Union.

– Three Joint Staff Training Events will be organised by partners as key steps in the process leading to the production of the intellectual outputs as well as for the achievement of the project objectives