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First Ride&Smile Newsletter

The Ride&Smile project has published its first newsletter. The project looks at pupils contribution to a sustainable transport strategy by encouraging cycling to school. 

The newsletter introduces the project aims and outcomes set within the context of previous transnational activities. It looks at early progress including the web site launch and the outputs that are being developed and forthcoming milestones. The newsletter also introduces the artistic work of pupils.

Download the Ride&Smile Newsletter

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RIDE & SMILE project kickoff online

Partners in the RIDE & SMILE project have been involved in starting the project online because of travel travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of early discussions have taken place using videoconferencing technologies where partners were able to meet one another, share ideas and discuss the two outputs to be produced from the project:

Output 1 is an interactive web platform that will include an innovative bike competition tool  and learning materials 

Output 2 is a series of educational activities on environmental awareness, teacher training modules addressed to primary schools and tailored to their specific needs.