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The BTS Challenge 2022 is one of the most important activities of the project RIDE AND SMILE. It is a playful competition among European school classes, in which the pupils can earn points going to school by bike or on foot instead of using a car, thus contributing to a better urban environment. 

Participation in the challenge is free and open to all classes of the schools involved in the RIDE AND SMILE project and possibly to other ones expressing interest to join the challenge. This is the first edition of the BTS Challenge, which means that participants will be able to contribute through their feedback to the enhancement of the rules and digital tools supporting the activity.

The teachers who want to participate in the BTS Challenge 2022 with their class need to contact the organizers at [email protected] 

How to participate in the BTS Challenge

  1. The BTS Challenge 2022 takes place from 1st to 31st May 2022.
  2. All classes or groups of pupils from the schools participating in the project can be involved in this piloting phase, led at least by one teacher. Each class (or group) represents a team composed of all the pupils and the responsible teacher(s). The class that scores more points by choosing sustainable transport wins!
  3. In order to participate in the challenge, the class needs an account to access the R&S Learning Platform, record the participants’ trips and upload more contents. The account is created by the platform developers and is managed by the responsible teacher for each class.
  4. Once the account is created, each class needs to choose a name and an icon or picture representing the team. Within the team, each pupil is identified by a unique two-digit number (00-99) that will be used to access the QuickCapture App and record itineraries, create contents, upload them to the R&S Learning Platform and visualize the results achieved as an individual or as a team.
  5. In order to earn points and contribute to the total score of their team, the pupils need to use the bicycle (or any other sustainable means of transport) as much as they can during the month of May 2022. They can ride the bicycle to go to school accompanied by an adult or alone (depending on the age, local context and regulations) or for simple recreation during their free time or on the weekends with their family and friends.
  6. All teachers of the participating classes can take part in the challenge and support their team by following the same rules as their pupils.
  7. The BTS Challenge aims to promote especially the use of the bicycle, but of course other means of transportation can also be used to earn points. The means of transportation allowed within the BTS challenge are the following:
  • All kinds of bicycles (traditional, electric, cargo-bikes, etc.)
  • Walking
  • Scooters or similar (normal or electric, skateboards, roller skates, etc.)
  • Public transport

Each means of transportation corresponds to a different icon in the QuickCapture app, which must be selected before recording the trip. Points cannot be earned by using a car or a motorbike or if the recorded trip is indoor (in a shopping center, in the school yard, etc.). 

  1. It is possible to record itineraries and summarize points in two alternative ways:
  1. Recording the trip through the QuickCapture App, generally supported by an adult (for example, a parent who goes on Sunday to the park with his/her child or a teacher who organizes an outdoor activity with the class)
  2. Adding tracks manually through the R&S Learning Platform under the supervision of the responsible teacher (for example, as one of the first activities each pupil may draw on the map the itinerary from home to school and calculate the distance, so that every time that he/she goes to school using sustainable means of transport the corresponding points can be added to his/her total score)

It is highly recommended that both options are experienced by all pupils participating in the BTS Challenge.

  1. Different scores are assigned to each trip depending on the means of transportation used by the participants as following explained:
  • Bicycle: 1 Km = 10 points
  • Walking: 1 Km = 8 points
  • Scooter: 1 Km = 6 points
  • Public transport: 1 Km = 2 points

In case the itinerary is covered using different means of transportation (i.e. train + bicycle), the participant will need to record every single stretch of the journey separately, by starting and stopping the app and indicating the means of transport used for each single stretch.

When entering a building during the trip, participants should remember to stop recording the journey before entering the building and then to activate the app again when getting back on the road in order to avoid any miscalculation of distances.

  1. Points can also be earned by uploading and sharing contents (images and texts) through the QuickCapture app. Each content is automatically georeferenced, meaning that it is specifically related to a single point in the map. There are two different categories of contents that is possible to record during a trip by using the app: 
  • Safety notes: it can contain any kind of information and indications related to the safety conditions of the itinerary, including for instance dangerous intersections, narrow streets, road surface conditions,particular points to pay attention to, etc.
  • General observations: it can contain any kind of remark on the places observed during the itinerary, including for instance feelings and emotions generated by the sight of a landscape, suggestions on where to buy a good ice cream or stories on something that happened along the way to the final destination.

For each category, it is possible to select between positive and negative remarks. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 photo: 1 point (Max 3 points per week per user)
  • 1 photo + text: 2 points (Max 6 points per week per user) 

In order to earn points, the contents need to be validated by the responsible teacher. 

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