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Final event in Bruxelles

After the kilometers ridden by bike from Rome to Bruxelles during the itinerant event, it has come the time to sum all the results in the final meeting in Belgium!

The partners met here to discuss about the final results of the projects, what could be improved and what was good.

It has been discussed a lot about dissemination and communication, state-of-the-art, results achieved and next steps for the valorization of project results, doing a self-evaluation of the activities carried on, including the itinerant event from Rome to Bruxelles. In particular,

we have rated the results considering the objectives listed in our projects:

  • raise awareness about environmental challenges and a better understanding of the importance of individual choices as factors of change
  • promote sustainable urban mobility principles among pupils and the use of the bicycle as the most effective means of transportation
  • reinforce the development of key competences in pupils, such as communication in foreign languages, digital competences, social and civic competences, including climate action.

After the preparation for final report documents, we have talked about Cooperation projects in the framework of Erasmus+ 2021-2027, sharing views and ideas about future actions.

…the best is yet to come! New projects will follow, hoping to share sustainable mobility across younger generations in Europe!

Itinerant event pre-start in Rome

In collaboration with Bike to School Roma we are pleased to invite you to the final event of the Ride and Smile project at the Istituto Comprensivo Simonetta Salacone, in Rome. Lots of things to celebrate: the award ceremony of the students who participated in the RIDE AND SMILE Challenge; after this, the teachers involved will then take the floor to share the experience and its teaching potential; the intervention of the School Advisor Claudia Pratelli School; and, last but not least, the event has been closed by a big party with Adriano Bono and The Reggae Circus, with bike The invitation was aimed in particular at teachers. Come and find out how to replicate this fun and eco-sustainable competition open to all schools in Rome!

Joint staff training event in Romania

The training has taken place between 14th -17th June 2022 in Curtuiseni, Romania with a number of 10 participants from 7 partner institutions including the hosts.
On the first day of the meeting the participants were involved in a local activity with the children of the hosting school Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Balasi Jozsef. The local partners organized a cycling course about the safety and traffic rules for the primary school children. There were two categories: the very young ones (from preparatory class to second grade students) and the older students (third and fourth graders). After lunch break the group of participants joined the hosts for a tour in the local community to explore the possible dangers or difficulties from the perspective of cycling.
On the next day after a working session (presentations and discussions) on the second part of the day the hosts organized the official rewarding ceremony of the Bike to School Challenge competition with the participants of the local community, children and parents. The regional TV and newspaper also was present on this ceremony to interview and write about the project’s aims and perspectives.

Rewarding ceremony Bike to School Challenge

The project group visited Oradea on the 3rd day to get the idea of how is the situation in regards of cycling possibilities in a town, not a small community and what are the possibilities in the meaning of lobbying for better conditions for cycling.

Visit of Oradea

Training event in Italy

The Smile&Play Educational Game by Eco Logic

The joint staff training event continued with practical work, where the partner organizations prepared and delivered series of workshops in 3 primary schools in Rome (School Iqbal Masih; School Romolo Balzani; School Carlo Pisacane)
The practical workshops were based on the already delivered products such as the SMILE toolkits and modules, and educational game, as well as on newly designed activities for pupils and teachers. Besides the theoretical and practical workshop within the school’s premises, there were activities also within the neighbourhoods where the schools are located, thus working on road safety and managing traffic situations in reality.

Bike to School – Roma – News

Some news from our partners Bike to School • Roma:
Once a week some schools in Rome (17 out 1700 – not much but something to start with) close the motor vehicle part of the street in front of their entrance – we call this #schoolstreets.
In many of these schools volunteers together with some parents organize bike to school and pedibus to reach the school in a more happy and safe way, walking or riding a bike or a scooter!
Our project Ride&smile aims to support this process.
We want many more “schoolstreets” and happy and healty kids in Europe!

School activities in Romania and North Macedonia

The school partners in the project (from Romania, Italy, and North Macedonia) have actively researched a set of didactic activities that will contribute to proper usage of the project app that promotes sustainable transport, along with much more fun and enriched bicycle riding, and classroom activities too. The categories and their groups are Traffic counting, Ways to school, Mobility diary, Greenhouse effect and climate change, Cycling course, and Bicycle and road safety. Everything that we research and place into these categories will help children learn more about protecting the environment, avoiding activities that negatively impact the environment and climate, getting by around and understanding traffic, practicing interesting bicycle maneuvers, learning about distances for their daily and frequent locations, recognizing dangerous areas in traffic, knowing where are the bicycle paths nearby, and more similar.

In Romania, there was an online workshop for the introduction of the found didactic activities, with the categories “Bicycle and road safety” and “Cycling course”. Some of the activities here were already in some context and familiarity to pupils, as the cycling course of the competition, and right now, the work is focused on road safety. This is crucial in Romania because the school curricula do not include teaching traffic signs or rules (at least in primary education). This way, such a gap in national education can be filled, and this type of education – improved. With the contributions of didactic activities, teachers could implement them within a week or a month-time work, per choice, and pupils will obtain better control, reflexes, alertness. The work focuses on real-life cycling, but also a virtual competition in the form of a cycling board game that is expected to take a good form by Spring. Local informational and preparational workshops for didactic activities This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This newsletter reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This newsletter reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. In North Macedonia, the categories are “Mobility Diary” and “Traffic counting”. The partner elementary school “J.H.Pestalozzi” of Skopje, with assistance by partner “Eco-Logic”, has also held a workshop with the pupils of that school that will participate in the project activities and the app usage too. All the children were curiously engaged in listening, and were impatient even, to try using the app more frequently for their daily cycling rides and walks too. In this workshop, the pupils of a few classes, and their mentors/teachers have been present to find out more regarding the project app usage. In Italy, the categories are “Ways to school” and “Greenhouse effect and climate change”. The partners (organizations and schools of the project) have conducted workshops in a playful and informative way with eager and enthusiastic children throughout all activities. In a group working method, children discussed and learned about the transport types in urban areas, and talked about the frequently used transport on daily basis. They improved their English vocabulary on these topics and carefully noted them on a wall poster and their notebooks. The pupils also practiced map-drawing and marking, focusing on their surrounding home and school areas. The project app was tried out and tested to collect distance values (by walking, cycling, or using public transport).

Project Meeting – Jan 2022

Last week we had our first meeting in 2022. Among other issues to be discussed, we focussed on initiating the concrete implementation of the coordination and the development of the R&S didactic activities. Daniela Schmeinck coordinated the organization of work for the development of learning activities (IO2) and gave an overview on the upcoming actions to be undertaken. A subdivision of topics was proposed to school partners. After this introduction, school partners presented the work done so far regarding the development of didactic activities. >> The Ride & Smile train continues picking up speed 😎

Educational workshop for the RIDE AND SMILE project

Today, on 17.12, another informative and educational workshop for the RIDE AND SMILE project, was held, with the students of the Elementary School “J.” H. “Pestaloci” from Skopje that will be included in the project activities outdoors and in the classroom as well.
🚴 🎨 📱
👩 🏫 With the engagement of Teachers Natasha Gjorgjioska and Jasna Karovska-Abramac who presented, everyone at the workshop was better informed about using the digital application that will memorize a road spent with sustainable transport (it would be best in bicycle, but other transport that is not harmful to the environment can also be) – as part of project activities of RIDE AND SMILE.
🏫👩 🏫 Today, several children from 7 grades were present at the workshop, with their class mentors and teachers; Ana Senčuk, Margaret Pejoska, Biljana Stojanoska, Verica Nedelkoska, Simona Mirceka, Tatjana Tanevska and Branka Dimevska.\n
The impressions were excellent and the students were really curious and followed the information displayed attentively.
Soon more news – follow us 🙂

Project app – lecture on Geomedia and Geocommunication

Yesterday Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl ( Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics – ZGIS – Universität Salzburg ) demonstrated the project app in his university lecture on Geomedia and Geocommunication – in a session on GNSS accuracy and tracking opportunities in real-world scenarios – Ride & Smile is everywhere – even in university teaching 😎
— at Universität Salzburg – Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät