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Intellectual Outputs

RIDE&SMILE has two outputs

Output 1: RIDE&SMILE interactive web platform (led by Paris-Lodron-Universitat Salzburg)

The first Intellectual Output is an Interactive Web Platform aimed at:

● providing an easily accessible and pupil-friendly Interactive Learning Platform (ILP) to reinforce the development of key competences in pupils, such as communication in foreign languages, digital competences, social and civic competences, including climate action

● promoting the use of the bicycle as a daily means of transport among pupils and their families, as well as to facilitate the collection and exchange of experiences within the community of registered users, including pupils, teachers, parents and non-formal educators

● contributing to the establishment of a stable European network of schools and organisations cooperating the promotion of environmental awareness

The platform will boost and support the Bike to School Cycling Challenge involving school pupils from all over Europe. The BTS Challenge aims to foster the use of the bicycle among the pupils, who are going to contribute to the points collected by their teams (school classes) in terms of run kilometres and saved CO2. This will be done by going to school by bike and adding the corresponding distances on the platform, thus directly impacting on families’ habits and allowing them to discover a better and healthier solution for daily displacements, also contributing to the well-being of the community. To pursue these goals, the ILP is expected to have the following functionalities:

Through the platform pupils will be encouraged to actively contribute to the quality of life in their cities, while raising awareness on environmental issues and reflecting on the importance of individual choices as factors of change. Through the platform, pupils will be practicing English language and developing digital skills related to Geo-ICT

In order to foster civic engagement and facilitate the dialogue with local institutions, the ILP will include a special section called “Tell your Mayor”, where pupils will be able to express their needs, concerns, warnings, suggestions and advise to the decision makers from their perspective. By this way, the pupils will become an online community of responsible active citizens driving the change towards sustainability.

The ILP will exploit game-based learning to promote active citizenship and raise awareness about sustainable mobility issues, by reinforcing the link between formal and non-formal education and promoting civic engagement at all levels. 

Output 2: RIDE&SMILE educational activities on environmental awareness (led by EUROGEO)

This second Intellectual Output is aimed at:

● fostering a common understanding of environmental challenges in related communities

● designing a shared approach for stimulating proactive and positive actions in pupils and awareness about personal choices and behaviours

● creating training modules addressed to pupils integrating existing curricula.

This output will create a set of teacher training modules addressed to primary schools and tailored on their specific needs. The teachers involved will work in a collaborative way in order to create a learning path integrated with the already existing curricula.

Though the project is mainly focused on sustainable mobility, this intellectual output will be designed taking into consideration all the aspects concerned with environmental issues, science and citizenship education and areas linked to urban mobility and English language learning. This approach seeks to give learners a general overview about the implications of their individual behaviour and general effects on society.

The course content, methodology, activities and expected learning outcomes will be defined through cooperation among partners and tested in partner schools.