Itinerant cycling event

As one of the most outbreaking activities within the whole project, the RIDE&SMILE partnership will do something that nobody has ever been doing within an European project, a symbolic bike trip from Rome to Brussels: a zero-emission 1.600 km ride on two wheels across six countries (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium) to bring the project results directly to the heart of the EU. In the travel panniers, the cyclists will be carrying the policy recommendations produced by the pupils as a final result of their learning process. These recommendations will be delivered to the EC officers and decision-makers responsible for education and environmental policies.

In short, instead of inviting people to a final event in Rome, we thought that we could take the project around Europe, telling our experience and showing the children that we can go by bicycle not only to school or to the park, but also traveling by road, having fun and covering apparently prohibitive distances.

The itinerary includes several stretches and stops, during which it will be possible to meet people and organizations (associations, schools, local authorities, etc.) interested in supporting our initiative and participate in the Bike to School Challenge 2023.

Of course, to make our trip even more special, we need support from those organizations that share our values and want to be involved in our network. If you are interested in arranging a meeting to coincide with the passage of our pedal caravan in your city we strongly invite you to express your interest and share your ideas on what we could do together

Our cyclists will be happy to meet you, tell you about their experience and share the results of the RIDE AND SMILE project with you.

And if by chance you are interested in participating in one or more stretches of the journey, just consult the itinerary and contact us to agree on the details (https://t.ly/QY_S): free participation is open to all!!!

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