Smile and Play

Smile & Play logoThe project Smile and Play was a project coordinated by the Civil Society Organization Eco-Logic from Skopje, Macedonia, and it was supported and funded by the Erazmus+ Program through the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of Republic of North Macedonia, under a project number 2018-1-MK01-KA201-0471-64.

The project’s duration was from September 2018 to November 2020, and in this Smile and Play project coordinated by Eco Logic, the following partners were also included: ReBike from Italy, Zali from Lithuania, as well as the elementary school “J.H.Pestalozzi” from Skopje, North Macedonia, along with the associated partners: elementary schools “Rade Kratovche” and “Malina Popivanova” from Kochani, North Macedonia.manual graphic

The main goal of the project was to encourage youths in a better and more detailed involvement with cycling, through the improvement of the skills of English language as a foreign language, focusing on the cycling terminology connected closely to our everyday lives, implemented through the gamification method, i.e., learning through playing a game. In this context, the main products of the project were a board game in physical (printed) format, as well as a digital version of this game as well.

The board game is intended for pupils from 5th to 9th grade, and it consists of a platform with 11 examples of everyday locations that children/teams must arrive to. Making their way to the locations, they solve exercises and tasks for improvement of their English language skills, and this is done with the help of cards with activities, questions, and trivia, fun facts – all read out loud by the teacher/parent/mentor that has the role of a Guide or Game Master in the game.

Download the Teacher’s Manual – in English

Due to the challenges related to Covid, the physical board game format was also created and adapted as a digital format too, set up on the platform Tabletopia where the game can be played free of cost, and unlimited as well. This digital game is also adapted as suitable for computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The game can be accessed from the following link:

Board game picture